Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

Insurance coverage for any items being shipped is always a great idea.  There are many risk factors involved when cargo must be handled by more than one party at the origin and destination.  We recommend choosing one of the following options;

All Risk Insurance

There are only a few providers who offer all risk insurance coverage for vehicles and when they do it is still usually limited to certain vehicle shipping conditions like only when using a container.  We are able to arrange all risk insurance for vehicles shipped by Roll-on-Roll-off or Container.  The rate of premium calculation is usually 2.5% to 3% depending on the value of vehicle to be shipped. There is a also a small deductible as with most insurance if a claim is to be made.

All risk insurance covers the vehicle for all risk, total loss and vessel salvage.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance coverage is more readily available.  The rate of premium calculation is usually 1.5% of the vehicle value.

Marine insurance only covers total loss and vessel salvage.

We will advise on which insurance option is best to choose and the vehicle value to use when doing so.

Please contact us for more information on cargo insurance.

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