Import and Registration

Our import and registration service like our export service will make the process easy and time saving for you.

Shipping to Japan

One of our partners at your destination can arrange to pick up, clear customs, load and ship your vehicle to us if you do not have an agent making arrangements for you.  We will handle from customs clearance through to final registration and delivery.

Import Restrictions

Japan does not place any restrictions on the year, make, model and number of vehicles you would like to import for normal registration and be it personal use or resale.  There are some vehicles that may require costly modifications to meet Japan road standards.  We recommend contacting us prior to importing your vehicle.

Personal Imports

Vehicles owned and used for 12 months may be cleared under the personal import scheme having the 8 percent consumption tax on import waived, there is no import duty.  We will provide you with the

We have been quite successful in clearing vehicles owned for less than 12 months under personal imports.

Grey Imports

The ever changing currency rates or your childhood dream vehicle may make a vehicle overseas a very attractive purchase. One of our partners or dealer contacts would be able to arrange a physical inspection of the vehicle and check the history prior to you making the final decision to purchase and ship off to us.


The registration procedure requires that all vehicles go through an emissions test and in some cases a noise test before an application may be submitted to the area land transport authority for final registration.  The vehicle can be brought in for the final inspection, registration certificate issuance, number plates put on and delivered soon after the land transport office gives the all okay.

Please contact us for a quotation or more information on importing your vehicle

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