Container Shipment

A container shipment is always a great idea if you would like to have that extra security when shipping your high value or classic vehicle.  The container can only be sealed or unsealed after it has been inspected by a customs official.  The vehicles will be stored in doors during the short few days prior to securing them in container for shipping.

Shipping by container is the only option for ports Roll-on-Roll-off vessels do not call on, for vehicles which cannot be driven or for shippers with additional parts.  Roll-on-Roll-off vessels will not allow non-runner vehicles or parts.  The parts like vehicles will be secured to the floor of the container and cleared through customs for shipping.  A very detailed and itemized parts list will be required.

Container shipments usually depart weekly for most major ports unlike roll-on-roll-off with once per month sailing.

We are able to arrange a container shipment for you on short notice.

Please contact us for quotation or more information.

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