Export Options

Our export service will make the process of shipping your vehicle easy and time saving.  We offer door to door, door to warehouse and door to port shipping as standard service options.

Door to Door Shipments

Our door to door shipping does not simply include picking up your vehicle, shipping off by roll-on-roll-off or container and delivering it to you at destination.  The service includes all the necessary procedures to ensure as little involvement from you as possible.  We take care of de-registration, translations, customs clearance, loading, unloading, freight and final delivery at destination.  In our aim to make shipping your vehicle as easy and time saving we also provide full registration or registration assistance services at destination.  Your vehicle will be delivered registered and read to drive.

Registration Services

The registration service includes putting your vehicle through the necessary tests, road safety inspections and submitting final paperwork for registration.  There are some destinations where you will be required to present your ID in person and sign in front of the the registration official.

Door to Warehouse

The door to warehouse service still includes pick up, de-registration, translations, customs clearance, loading, unloading and freight.  Our partners at destination will have your vehicle available for pick up at the warehouse after unloading and customs clearance.  If you do change your mind and would like to have the vehicle delivered to an address we will be happy to do so.

Door to Port

We still take care of vehicle pick up, de-registration, translations, customs clearance, loading and freight.  The documents required for clearance will be sent to you overseas soon after the vessel has left port.

The team at Kairos One understands that shipping service needs may differ and are quite happy to make changes and accommodate special requests.  Please contact us for a quote or more information.



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