Roll-on-Roll-off or in short RoRo is a great option for those who would like to keep the overall cost of freight and handling fees at origin and destination down.  Major vehicle manufacturers choose to ship their new vehicles to dealer outlets overseas by RoRo vessels.  Vehicles can be loaded quickly as they are driven the short distance to the ship by the port staff, secured below deck keeping them away from the changing weather conditions during the voyage and driven off at destination. Unlike container shipments RoRo vessels do not allow additional parts, vehicles with major leaks and non-runners.  All vehicles must generally be in good working order to allow the port staff to them load quickly.  RoRo ships are used to transport almost everything on wheels that can be driven on the ship.  This includes everything from construction machinery, motorcycles, buses and cars.

We understand there may be some worry about safety when shipping by RoRo vessels as cars are on the ports until cleared through.

Our partners at the destination will usually have all vehicles cleared through very quickly to limit the amount of time spent at the port.  We will always advise when it is okay to ship by RoRo.

There are some destinations that do not have the facilities to accept RoRo vessels or not enough regular shipments go through for the vessel operators to call on this port.  In this case only container shipments will be possible.

Please contact us for more information or a quotation to ship your vehicle by Roll-on-Roll-off.




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