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Shaken Renewal

One Day Shaken
 What is Shaken?

Shaken refers to the mandatory roadworthy inspection all vehicles must go through. The first shaken renewal is due in 3 years for a car bought new and every 2 years thereafter.

A vehicle that has been properly maintained over the years will meet shaken requirements with only minor adjustments needed.  The renewal costs will usually be less than expected.

If you are not sure when your shaken is due we are happy to explain and send you an early reminder.

Our shaken service includes pickup and delivery, shaken inspection, minor adjustments and payment of renewal taxes.

Please contact us for a free quote to renew your shaken.


Document Administration Title of Ownership Transfer

We understand that sometimes a friend, colleague or acquaintance may make an offer to purchase your car.  The process to transfer the title of ownership requires a lot of running around and red tape to work through.  This can be extremely stressful when you have little time available.

We can handle the transfer process from you to the buyer limiting your involvement to arranging one certificate.  It does not matter if you are not an existing customer we are quite happy to help with the transfer.

Change of Address

You should always update your registered address on your title of ownership when you have moved residences.  This will help to avoid interest charges for late payment vehicle taxes.  We will again assist with the full process limiting your involvement to providing one certificate.

Please contact us for a quote to change your address or transfer your title

There are no other companies able to match our expertise when handling vehicle shipments.  We understand the difficulty and the many factors to consider when making the decision to ship your vehicle.  We will simplify the process by guiding you through the import rules, required documents, shipping costs and best method to ship your vehicle. We offer several service packages for exporting or importing your vehicle.  Our staff are quite happy to accommodate your special requests if it is not already covered in one of our standard service packages.  We have shipped everything from repair projects to ultra rare classics. Please select the service you would like more information about from the shipping drop down menu.

All cars should go through a full service check at the maker recommended intervals which is usually once per year.  Our service department will ensure the car is given a full diagnostic and physical inspection of the engine, fluids, mechanical system and parts such as brake pads and rotors.

A well maintained car will save you unnecessary expenses in the future and be more attractive at the time of resale.

Our service department will provide a quotation in English and discuss the items with you prior to proceeding with any changes.

Please contact us to book your car in for maintenance.

The 2009 Volkswagen Golf Touran TSI Highline package is an excellent vehicle with the right blend of size and power.  The Golf Touran has 7 seats with 2 + 3 + 2 seating formation.  There are isofix seat belts for the family needing to strap in little ones.  The seats in the rear may all be folded down independently to allow for more room to carry luggage.

The Golf Touran engine size of 1.4L may seem quite small when compared to other cars but the Turbo charger will make you forget that number quite quickly.  The quick take off and ease of handling make this car worth owning.

Features include the Volkswagen quality stereo CD player, HID main headlights, Front fog lights, 16 inch Aftermarket BS6 Alloys.

Other features of the Golf Touran are Key Less Entry, Dual Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner, Power Steering, Power Windows, ABS Braking.

The Golf Touran has only done 62,000 [...]

Vehicle Comparison

Easily compare the vehicles you are most interested in

The 2012 Audi A6 Avant 2.8FSI Quattro is a must own for those who want a bit more room but also quite a bit of power under the hood.  A top speed of 300 kph ensures there is enough power.

Features include Factory HDD Navigation with Reverse Camera, Parking Sensors for extra guidance, Leather seats with seat heaters for comfort and added warmth, LED headlights and Bose Sound System.  The A6 also comes with Start/Stop Engine feature.

Other features of the A6 Avant are Smart Key, Push Button Engine Start, Cruise Control, ETC System and Hands Free Phone System, Power Seats, Auto Air Conditioner, Power Steering, Power Windows, ABS Braking.

The A6 Avant has done just under 20,000 klms making this a car that needs to driven more.

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