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Cargo Insurance

Insurance coverage for any items being shipped is always a great idea.  There are many risk factors involved when cargo must be handled by more than one party at the origin and destination.  We recommend choosing one of the following options;

All Risk Insurance

There are only a few providers who offer all risk insurance coverage for vehicles and when they do it is still usually limited to certain vehicle shipping conditions like only when using a container.  We are able to arrange all risk insurance for vehicles shipped by Roll-on-Roll-off or Container.  The rate of premium calculation is usually 2.5% to 3% depending on the value of vehicle to be shipped. There is a also a small deductible as with most insurance if a claim is to be made.

All risk insurance covers the vehicle for all risk, total loss and vessel salvage.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance coverage is more readily available. 


Air Freight

Roll-on-Roll-off or in short RoRo is a great option for those who would like to keep the overall cost of freight and handling fees at origin and destination down.  Major vehicle manufacturers choose to ship their new vehicles to dealer outlets overseas by RoRo vessels.  Vehicles can be loaded quickly as they are driven the short distance to the ship by the port staff, secured below deck keeping them away from the changing weather conditions during the voyage and driven off at destination. Unlike container shipments RoRo vessels do not allow additional parts, vehicles with major leaks and non-runners.  All vehicles must generally be in good working order to allow the port staff to them load quickly.  RoRo ships are used to transport almost everything on wheels that can be driven on the ship.  This includes everything from construction machinery, motorcycles, buses and cars.

We understand there may be some worry about safety when

Container Shipment

A container shipment is always a great idea if you would like to have that extra security when shipping your high value or classic vehicle.  The container can only be sealed or unsealed after it has been inspected by a customs official.  The vehicles will be stored in doors during the short few days prior to securing them in container for shipping.

Shipping by container is the only option for ports Roll-on-Roll-off vessels do not call on, for vehicles which cannot be driven or for shippers with additional parts.  Roll-on-Roll-off vessels will not allow non-runner vehicles or parts.  The parts like vehicles will be secured to the floor of the container and cleared through customs for shipping.  A very detailed and itemized parts list will be required.

Container shipments usually depart weekly for most major ports unlike roll-on-roll-off with once per month sailing.

We are able to arrange a container shipment for you

Sole use Container or Roll-on-Roll-off are both great options for transporting your vehicle overseas.  If you are not sure what both options mean and which one would be right for you please read more about Container and Roll-on-Roll-off shipments.

Import and Registration

Our import and registration service like our export service will make the process easy and time saving for you.

Shipping to Japan

One of our partners at your destination can arrange to pick up, clear customs, load and ship your vehicle to us if you do not have an agent making arrangements for you.  We will handle from customs clearance through to final registration and delivery.

Import Restrictions

Japan does not place any restrictions on the year, make, model and number of vehicles you would like to import for normal registration and be it personal use or resale.  There are some vehicles that may require costly modifications to meet Japan road standards.  We recommend contacting us prior to importing your vehicle.

Personal Imports

Vehicles owned and used for 12 months may be cleared under the personal import scheme having the 8 percent consumption tax on import waived, there is no import duty. 

Export Options

Our export service will make the process of shipping your vehicle easy and time saving.  We offer door to door, door to warehouse and door to port shipping as standard service options.

Door to Door Shipments

Our door to door shipping does not simply include picking up your vehicle, shipping off by roll-on-roll-off or container and delivering it to you at destination.  The service includes all the necessary procedures to ensure as little involvement from you as possible.  We take care of de-registration, translations, customs clearance, loading, unloading, freight and final delivery at destination.  In our aim to make shipping your vehicle as easy and time saving we also provide full registration or registration assistance services at destination.  Your vehicle will be delivered registered and read to drive.

Registration Services

The registration service includes putting your vehicle through the necessary tests, road safety inspections and submitting final paperwork for registration.  There are some

GPS and ETC Installation Navigation Systems

The roads in Japan can be tricky even for those of us who have been here for a long time.  A navigation system will always be a useful item to have installed in your car even with maps apps on your phone as the screens are quite small.  The systems have been greatly improved over the years with quite a few models coming with partial English or full English.

We will be able to advise on which systems would be most helpful to you. If you already have a system installed in your car we are able help by explaining how to best use it.

Electric Toll Control System

The ETC system is great device to have installed in your car.  This greatly reduces your time on the highway as you will not need to stop at every toll both to pay the operator.  We are sure the less

Parts & Entertainment Systems

We are able to order any parts for Japanese or Foreign vehicles.  These parts can be from the maker factory or aftermarket depending on your needs.  If you only require the parts you have ordered to be fitted we are quite happy to accept delivery and arrange the installation for you.


The season changes do happen a bit quicker than expected.  We are ready on short notice to provide a quotation for different brands of summer and winter tyres for you to choose from.  When the tyres arrive we can do the fitting and alignment within the hour.

Entertainment Systems

You may need an aftermarket DVD player and monitors installed in the rear of your vehicle to keep young and old passengers alike entertained.  We are able to advise on the best systems and handle the installation.

Please contact us for more information or assistance with ordering and installation of

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