New or Used Cars

Vehicle Purchase

Purchasing a car in Japan can be quite task.  Our door to door service will make buying a new or used car relatively stress free and time saving for you.  Our service covers consultation, vehicle purchase, registration and final delivery.  The service does not finish at car delivery but continues with annual maintenance, registration renewal and upgrading when ready to a newer model.

Our service extends through annual maintenance, registration renewal and upgrading.

New Cars

We are able to arrange for you to view a demo model at the dealer showroom or in some cases bring one over to you.  We have a great relationship with most of the main dealers who are always happy to assist. Our service department will provide after sales service of pickup and delivery to the dealer for maintenance, recalls and any upgrades included in the initial purchase package.

Used Cars

The vehicles available in Japan are some the best maintained the world over.  Cars are put in for annual maintenance with parts and fluids replaced at the recommended intervals to keep them in the best condition.  There are quite a few cars used only for grocery store runs and leisurely weekend drives.  These cars usually have such little mileage they will seem almost new.

We are able provide you numerous options from the thousands cars available through stock, consignment, dealer network and car auctions.  The cars we offer are all non-accident, come with service history and pre-delivery inspection.

Auction Purchase

Purchasing pre-owned vehicles or ones with only delivery mileage through auctions is great for all buyers as you can find great value within your budget range. The vehicles all come with a mechanical and bodywork condition report done by the auction’s independent body of professionals.  Our professional staff will thoroughly check cars prior to bidding as confirmation that they not only meet your requirements but the condition is as listed on the auction report.

We understand each customer will have different needs when deciding to purchase a car.  The service will be personalized to make your buying experience a great one.  You can also rest easy knowing we will handle the entire process with minimal leg work from you.

Please contact us for to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

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